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Hello, world! Broccoli here :3

2010-09-07 01:11:20 by brocolinho

Saravá, gente boa!

Ok, so this is my first attempt of really being noticed here. I'll start introducing myself.

My name is Fernando, but my friends call me Broccoli. I'm nearly 20 and I live in Florianópolis. That's an island, located down south in Brazil. I'm on my second year in college studying Graphic Design and I'm still not sure what a graphic designer does for a living (besides photoshopping, because I hope that's not all).

I'm looking forward on learning many new things here and also making myself noticed. As soon as I develop some new graphic material, I'll post here. Meanwhile, check out my profile and my other stuff here.

Aquele abraço!

Fernando Brócolis

Hello, world! Broccoli here :3


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2010-09-10 06:59:42

Hello hello!
Being a graphic designer seems to be cool.
Btw which one do you prefere to call you better - Fernando or Broccoli?